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Thalia Campbell

In the 198os Neil Kinnock, Michael Foot, Tony Benn and others asked us to bring banners to their rallies and meetings but there was always those in the shadows trying to stop us.....The same party members are still being very negative about jeremy today. At Neil's Invitation we took banners to his big rally in Manchester Free Trade Hall.... Mandelson was at the front trying to stop us. Neil overrode Mandelson and the Banners went Up... After the rally/ meeting we met Neil and Glenys out the back and he said he wanted the banners for the Rally at the Beamish Out door Museum. in Northumberland.... It was in an enormous Marquee . Neil soon gave up his planned speech and used the banners as visual aids speaking about all the the issues depicted on the banners ...After this , hostility became open war fare with Mandelson et al

WILPF 100th Anniversary

WILPF 100th Anniversary

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In the early 1980s The British Council commissioned two replica Greenham banners to be included in their Black and White Photo exhibition "A Woman's Place" 50 years of photos of women.
It traveled around the world for five years. Men at the Council tried to stop the banners being included and it caused division in the Council and an inquiry by Mrs Thatcher. The banners were Greenham Common Womens Peace Camp now on display in the V&A, soon to travel to Sydney Australia and Womens struggle won the vote, Use it for disarmament,

During the 1980s with my Housemans Peace Diary I was in contact with the peace movement around the world. My post cards of banners inspired by greenham were sold internationally. There was interest in sharing the banners so they were packed and parceled up to send around the world . First in brown paper parcels and soon in my husbands enormous naval kitbag in which I could pack over thirty. It was not costly to air freight them across the world. people displayed the in churches, schools, colleges, town halls, AND PARLIAMENT BUILDINGS and used on marches , some times they did not return to Borth in Mid wales for a year. THIS WAS SO POPULAR that people wanted to buy them. I gave many away had to make replicas. I asked the arts council for support but they refused...... all these contacts over the years made it possible to raise money internationally to set up the life size bronze of the greenham marcher with her baby where she joined the painting of princess Diana and the Victorian marble of Boudicca and her daughters who where very lonely in the sea of paintings and sculptures of men....

Displayed in 2015

Displayed in 2015

Glastonbury 2013

Glastonbury 2013
In the 1980s we were provided with a marquee for an exhibition of our banners at the Glastonbury Festival and another year we held an exhibition of banners in a marque at the Tolpuddle Martyrs Rally.

In the 1980s we made the stage back drop for the Daniel Ortega meeting in Central Hall Wesminster it was so big we had to make it in the garden at Glangors,,,, As we went to the hall we were screamed and sworn at by posh boys trying to attack us holding what looked like blood stained banners with violent slogans made from sheets, The police with linked arms had a very difficult job holding them back., Inside Daniel Ortega made a moving speech about his hopes and dreams and told us how he had just come from 10 Downing street and Mrs Thatcher had just refused his country aid. Graham Green made an affectionate speech praising Daniel Ortega and expressing support for the acheivments of Nicaragua, They hugged each other on stage.

In 1981 the first time we took the banners to display at a Labour Conference Dennis Healey was interviewed in Front of the large bi lingual Nuclear Free Wales Banner.The White dove looked battle scared as the purple curtain used in the banner was not colour fast...

Book Published and edited by Thalia

Book Published and edited by Thalia

A new banner 2011

A new banner  2011
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Media Banner May 2011

Media Banner May 2011
This first banner was made for Greenham Common Womens Peace camp in the 1980s to counter their vilification by main stream media. It was used during the 1984 miners strike and the Poll tax Riots too. Its now in Malta used by their Labour party in a general election. In the 1980s before the Internet got going we had to use banners, post cards, posters and word of mouth ...

This Second banner was going to be a replica to use here in UK... but of course the message needed to be different . They had the media.We have got the Message.
And the message now uses the internet.

Banners by Thalia Campbell

As well as shops and warehouses I used to source materials to make banners from jumble sales and charity shops. Brides dresses and bridesmaids dresses were good quality satin and lovely colours. Many were cut up and made into banners. A bit of a feminist act too. Thalia

Banner in use at a VisiononTv training session Liverpool

Banner in use at a VisiononTv training session Liverpool

Banners to commemorate 50 years of the NHS

Banners to commemorate 50 years of the NHS


Peace train banner from Helsinki to Bejing

Peace train banner from Helsinki to Bejing
I took this on the train from Helsinki to Bejing, we hung it out of the train windows to show we were British but not NF or football hooligans. I cut it up and gave one flag to each UK passport holder. I took lots of banners to Bejing ! Thalia

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Oxford International Women's Day

Oxford International Women's Day
Making the Oxford international Womens Day Banner - 1996 In Oxford Town Hall a group of women spent weekend, making fabric squares. They took them home to complete them .
A month later we gathered all the squares with the letters we needed and a central panel.
The Central panel depicts the Womens International League for Peace and Freedom Train To the UN Conference in Beijing in 1995 .I took it all back to Wales to put it together. Some of the squares were made by skilled needle women others by women with less experience.. but all full of ideas. They helped each other.One of the women from Oxford came to stay in Wales with us to help.
The group were of all ages and with differing political views. Their focus was on Oxford and what they cared about , and the facilities Oxford offered women,.with some history included... The main focus was Cooperation and Community, with peace and the environment important issues. It was a sociable time. The Cooperative movement helped fund the project and it was organised by Ann Mobbs

Started in 1990 as part of the City Council’s Events programme with ten events and a large historical 100 Years of Women’s Banners Exhibition from Mary Somerville to the Suffragettes and the anti-Poll Tax banners

There will be a big international exhibition starting on March 10th 2011 on the History of International Womens Day in Erfurt Germany and Thalia has been asked to co-ordinate things from the UK

Do you have any quotes ,thoughts , photos of artifacts , badges , posters and photos to contribute

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Banner on display

Banner on display
The Banners exhibition was hosted by Oxford City Council in the Council Chambers, We found two historic Cooperative banners in a Coop Hall cellar. They were clearing the building as the lease had run out. Three elderly CWG members were with us when we found the long wooden Banner boxes with rusty hnges and locks. The locks fell apart as we opened them and the bright and shiny sewn and painted banners were unrolled. The women were very moved at seeing the banners not used since their youth. The TV wanted to film the finding of the long lost banners but we felt we could not recreate that exciting magic moment...We hung the banners in the exhibition and after wards they were given to Oxford Museum. In the middle of the Exhibition we had to take it all down because The Oxford V Cambridge Boxing matches took place. We were told there would be blood on the walls. There were brawls and fights all over the place as well as in the Ring! Very early on Sunday morning we went in to rehang it and there was a strong smell of bleach and stains where the blood had truly been on the golden stone town hall walls. I was concerned the Bleach could damage the Historic Banners. The caretaker was a real misogynist and gave Ann and ourselves a miserable time throughout the exhibition.

When the exhibition was in MerthyrTydfil at Cyfartha Castle in the old iron masters home, now a school and museum we found a long temperance poem. There were 3 temperance banners in the exhibition. This poem started an ongoing debate on the long forgotten and despised temperance movement...Was it about coercing a compliant work force and depriving the lower orders from enjoying the pleasures of the rich or caring paternalistically for their health and moral welfare? This debate rolled on at following venues.....Another story the locals shared with us was that in the past hell hole that Methyr was with people crippled, burned, and starving working in filthy dangerous smoke polluted valley there was a protest march. One woman carried a banner with the word Brawdr (Traitor) on it, She was arrested and sentenced to be transported to Australia. On the way the ship stopped to take on water on an African Beach where she was eaten by a lion.

The exhibition was hosted by Bristol Cty Council and Bristol University/ . The Council took down all the large oil paintings of Male Civic Dignitaries....The City Council House is Enormous, 30 foot high, marble floors, like an indoor Italian piazza. We asked if the Portrait of the Queen could stay. The Council allocated us two workers to help us hang the Exhibition . They were very friendly bricklayers. They supplied a large scaffold tower on wheels. Angus Helped us. On one End Wall all the names of Mayors were carved and gilded., eventually an amazing contrast with the temporary womens rags (banners) The queen looked Beautiful set between “Womens struggle won the vote.......” and The Bi lingual Nuclear free Wales Banners.

Bristol continued - Our Exhibition was in the early 1980s when there were Womens Committees with budgets. They decided to print a catalogue, we had the text. The young woman at the Councils Printing Department expressed surprise at the council printing it. When it came to proof reading the chapter on women's history i...n the trade unions she was in tears... Among our Speakers were Jo Richardson MP, Moira Vincentelli UCW and an 84 year old pensioner who had lived in a terraced house which became a bomb site during WW2 and now the grand council house. She had Marched with banners in the 1930s against the Japanese attack on China. During the month long exhibition on one Saturday there was a Naval Recruiting day watched over by the banners! One of the male city councillors saw the exhibition and said he was coming in with a box of matches to set fire to the banners. This made headlines in the newspapers. Many banners were borrowed from museums which made his threat worrying. As our Exhibition touted the country it was a litmus test of misogyny, male power, leading to political censorship which we did not accept.

Petra Kelly Banner by Thalia

Petra Kelly Banner by Thalia
We met Petra Kelly on a few occasions when she was campaigning in the
UK. The silk banner was made to honour her life. After a few years of
using it in the UK I presented it to Ellen Diederich at the Art Exhibition /Conference in Schlaining
Castle the new Peace University on the Austrian Hungarian Border. My
banners were part of the womens section of the exhibition on the top
floor af the castle ...the small inset picture is Petra with her grandmother reading the international newspapers instead of bedtime stories. Her grandmother gave her chocolate apples and nuts to keep her amused. The border of the banner reflects her life and beliefs. Rosa was one of Petra's heroes. Ian helped and I had a German young woman on the European young workers Petra scheme stay and work with me for six weeks She brought material in German and I had material in english so we studied Petra's life as we sewed the banner. The conference was
interesting we found Haider, the Austrian leader had put a military man
in each strand of the conference . The young man stood out in our
womens strand and they wanted to throw him out . As a greenham woman I
suggested we kept him as he had much to learn from us . We found we had
much to learn from him too. |The male academics were comfortably
ensconced in the castle whilst the women activists were in tents outside
the castle. In the lectures and discussions Ellen translated the
Austrian academics for me which consisted of letting them speak and from
time to time whispering in my ear "cold war marsmallow" They attacked
us virulently as Ellen and I with women from Sweden and Holland defended
our feminist socialist views. The virulence extended to meal times too.
An 85 year old woman from N Germany was part of the exhibition she had
told her story of being in Berlin during the bombing including giving
birth during an air raid and running to the shelter down the street
carrying her new born baby cord still attached to the placenta still not
come away. She was very angry when she saw her life as part of the
exhibition . They had interviewed her at length but only included her
war time experiences . She got up on the platform and made a
passionate unscheduled speech . She said you have only included the part
of my life where things happened to me but not the most important part
of my life which has been as a peace campaigner when I made things
Our Soldier told us how as a 10 year old staying in a cosy cottage in
the south of England he had been awoken in the middle of the night by a
low rumbling and looked out of the window under the eaves and saw this
enormous Nuclear Cruise Missile Convoy creeping slowly through the
village almost touching the cottages on each side of the street. He told
us he had never been so frightened in his life. When we asked him why he
had joined the Military he told us it was to do Humanitarian aid . We
the age of his grandmother put him right and told him he was being
trained to be a killer.
Some of the German women came from the Faulder gap.They described the
Nuclear Missiles they had in their street under what looked like Dustbin
lids and how depressed it made them feel. These were the nuclear weapons
that the Greenham Cruise Missiles replaced. They were targeted on our
European ally Germany but that is another story. The Faulder Gap was
the historic place where the Military felt an invasion would come
through. We tied up a lot of loose ends at that conference.In our lunch
time we put together a banner for Ellen's Archive.


Rosa Luxemburg was born in Zamosc, in Russian Poland, into a Jewish middle-class family
She was educated at the Warsaw Gimnazium and from the age of 16 participated in revolutionary activities. Luxemburg spent much of World War I in prison.
A German citizen by marriage Luxemburg became in 1898 a left wing leader of the German Social Democratic Party (SDP) and participated in the Second International and during the 1905 revolution in Russian Poland.
In the wake of the Spartacist uprising in Berlin against the government, in which she proved a reluctant participant, Luxemburg was arrested in 1919.

While being transported to prison she was murdered on the night of 15/16 on January 1919 by German Freikorps soldiers. Luxemburg's body was thrown into the Landwehr canal and found several months later in May. She was buried on June 13 in Friedrichsfeld cemetery where Liebknecht and other revolutionaries were similalrly buried.

The Flowering of Second wave Feminism

The Flowering of Second wave Feminism
This is a replica of a banner from the sixties/seventies a little enhanced...I went to two of those Emotionally explosive Conferences. It might get women interested in the exhibition........
During these women's conferences International Womens Day was reclaimed.

The small fist against the blue sky is a symbol of the reaching out to groups of women, women of Colour and Disabled women etc as the movement grew.


Banner made for Labour Party Conference soon after Mrs Thatcher came
to power in 1979. She decided that trade union members should all hold
ballots to see if they wanted to keep their political funds .The
result was not what she anticipated. Instead of a vote against they
voted over whelmingly to keep their political funds and unions which
did not have political funds decided to put political funds in place.
This banner was put up at Labour Party Conference and union members
used it as a back drop in many photos. This is the gold slogan and the
The pink slogan was added later in 1988 to commemorate the first equal
pay resolution put to the Trade Union Congress, not passed.

Blue Meanies

Blue Meanies
In the 1980s we made the stage back drop for the Daniel Ortega meeting in Central Hall Wesminster it was so big we had to make it in the garden at Glangors,,,, As we went to the hall we were screamed and sworn at by posh boys trying to attack us holding what looked like blood stained banners with violent slogans made from sheets, The police with linked arms had a very difficult job holding them back., Inside Daniel Ortega made a moving speech about his hopes and dreams and told us how he had just come from 10 Downing street and Mrs Thatcher had just refused his country aid. Graham Geen made an affectionate speech praising Daniel Ortega and expressing support for the acheivments of Nicaragua, They hugged each other on stage,

During the miners strike there was a benefit concert at the Piccadilly Theatre. I was asked to bring up banners to cover the stage and curtains , There was a big problem that the banners should have been fireproofed. we were unhappy about the chemicals and the effectcs on the banners so in the end they were not fireproofed, There was the safety curtain.. The theatre was packed and many famous threatricals entertained for free to raise funds for the miners. Many were members of Arts for Labour. It was a memorable evening . I took the banners down and took the night train to north waies met up with Ian and went to see the Bersham miners go back to work in the dark early hours . The police were hiding in the hedges in the narrow lane and beat and kicked the miners, their wives and children on their way to the pit.Ian made himself known as the Euro Candidate for N wales and The violence ceased

Labour Party Conference Bournemouth, we were there to set up as Arts for labour, we provided an exhibition of trades union and other banners. one banner "Thatchers Thugs Orgreave 1984" the assistant chief constable stormed to Larry Whitty t...hat if the banner was not taken down he would witdraw security and close the confernce, He was stung into telling us Orgreave was a military Opersation and not a police operation. it was set up to defeat Scargill

Pickles Banner

Pickles Banner

Thalia's Valium Banner

Thalia's Valium Banner
This Banner was made in the 1980s when a medical professional told me
how the drug companies used the Labour poster from after the second
world war to promote tranquillisers to the Medical professionals . The
1940's poster consisted of a group of homes with searchlights making
the victory V saying Win with Labour. The Drug companies used a warped
version of the poster to promote Tranquillisers saying in effect Dole
out the Tranquilisers and you won't need Social workers, nurseries etc.
On the medcine bottle on my banner it says "keep out of the reach of
children!" The effect on mothers had dangerous consequences for their
children, One pill falling from the bottle is labelled Chemical Warfare,
another pill says , "Mothers little helper" from the Rolling Stones song
that was banned on the BBC,
VALIUM AVOIDS The text starts in the grey fog of a valium patient,
rEVOLUTION with a hollow R take your pick revolution and evolution to
me are seamless.
fOR EVER AND EVER in the black of Facism
AMEN the final solutution bring in the military!
The Net of valium clouds the homes and brains of the rich and the poor, especially women

Mandela Banner

Mandela Banner
The Nelson Mandela Banner was made for the Celebrations of his 70th
birthday for the Anti Apartheid movement...It was made by Thalia and Ian
at Glangors in Borth Nr Aberystwyth, partly out in the garden as it was
so huge...It was used at the head of the march through London every red
tab along to the top was carried by a world figure including Neil
Kinnock and Bishop Tu Tu ....It was also used out side Aberystwyth Town
Hall where we had speakers and sang the ANC national anthem in one of
their languages. The banner then went on tour around UK as part of the
Exhibition 100 years of Womens banners, it was then lost for 20 years
until found in Tom's garage when he moved house recently. We are working
to find an appropriate institution to give it a home....
The big Banner was made in several pieces and put together in our Garden
as it was too big to finish in the house.
The big long one was used at the front of an enormous March Thro London
On Nelson Mandela's 70th birthday each red tab was held by a world leader.
It then travelled around the country in a big Exhibition of Banners for
13 years.

The big banner was also used with the smaller Aberystwyth one outside
Aberystwyth Town hall where as group of local people sang what became
the National Anthem of S Africa when Nelson Mandela became President.
They sang it in one of the Languages of Black S Africans.

The Welsh dragon on the back of the Small banner is melting the chains
of Apartheid with his fiery breath. It is a banner made in Welsh and English .
The seaside town is Aberystwyth and the black and white girls are
walking together on the beach. This was Not allowed In Apartheid S
Africa.. We are hoping to find a home in a museum for the banners.

Banner made by Aberystwyth Anti Apartheid Group at a banner workshop conducted by Thalia Campbell, contributions by Jo Pate Olwen Davies , Sonia Hancock, Aprile Bowen and others. It is fragile as it was made at the workshop including found materials, not water or light fast.



I had made sewn objects wall hangings and other objects for exhibitions since the 1960s. This was my way of showing feminist ideas in the then hostile male art world. Before Greenham we made banners for campaigning organisations.After Greenham we developed the concept of a travelling exhibition, "One Hundred Years of Womens Banners", to show banners are part of an historic tradition.
The Exhibition was shown in City Art Galleries, Art Centers City Halls Cathedrals and venues world wide from 1983... Thalia

womens aid
This banner was made by Thalia Campbell. Founded in 1978, Welsh Women's Aid campaigns and lobby at a national and international level on issues relating to domestic violence and abuse.
This item comes from: Thalia and Ian Campbell (Private Collection)

This banner was made by Thalia, Lucy and Ian Campbell for a branch of agricultural workers on the Welsh Borders. Made out of a simple brocade fabric, it has been used locally and nationally. It is in the style of the old trade union banners with the central picture and text scrolls at the top and bottom.

More of Thalia's Banners

More of Thalia's Banners

Peacecamp Greenham
Flyoff Fly Off!
Vote Vote
Thalia has two banners in the Robert Owen Museum on the River Clyde in Scotland and many more distributed in venues around the world. She has sent banners as gifts to New Zealand and Oregon and Chicago in the US. Many have been loaned to cathedrals, colleges, town halls and art galleries plus travelling exhibitions.
In 2008 Thalia donated a large number of her banners to the Bradford Peace Musuem which has doubled their collection.
The replica of the Liverpool suffrage banner is in the Liverpool Museum It was one we are really proud of... All the photos of it are in the National Library of Wales

I met a descendent of Robert Southey when I did a banner workshop for Battersea Labour Party as well a an old Jamaican Grandfather (with his Grandson) who came across after the war on the ship THE WINDRUSH.That banner work shop was an interesting experience for all kind of links..two proudcers for the BBC and ITV. John Farrell, Lord Alf Dubs and other interesting people...

Co op Banners

Co op Banners
Thalia and Ian travelled this exhibition
around nine cities in the UK

See the Campbell pages Exhibitions and Meetings
Women's Banners by Thalia Campbell, 19 pages, paperback, illustrated with line drawings, short overview of early banner making, suffragette banners and banners for peace

Thalia & Ian with banners 1992

Thalia & Ian with banners 1992
This banner is made of flag bunting with appliqué. The Trade Councils are made up of representatives of trade unions who meet regularly to discuss, share and act on issues that concern their members. This bilingual banner was made by Thalia and Ian Campbell. It was used locally and at national rallies and meetings, such as the annual rally to support the GCHQ trade unionists in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. It was also carried on the marches at Tolpuddle in Dorset to remember the early agricultural trade unionists that were transported to Australia as punishment for their trade union activities.

More historical banners

More historical banners

Soon after the nuclear industry started putting up their enormous stall at L.P.Conference one year women MPs MEPS And Delegates decided to wrap up the stall in peace banners so it could not be seen. we encircled it holding the banners....we had also wrapped up some of the men on the stall in peace banners . Because we were women it did not escalate into violence. It was us Bringing Greenham to the Conference. we had lively debates with the men on the stall.